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Art + Communication

My love for photography started at a young age. As a kid, I used to flip through the pages of my papa's National Geographic Magazine collections. In awe of the photo and scenery, each magazine ignited my curiosity of the world. Unknowingly, it planted a seed, which over the last few years has propelled me to seek the world's beauty from behind the lens and inspired me to travel the world for myself.


Lately, with the world feeling kind of crazy, taking time to create provide some solace and grounding. I dream of being a storyteller and photographer. I love capturing the special moments of this crazy life, its unique details, and people's authentic smiles. With loving passion, this is something I want to share with others, to create things and connect with people around me.

Welcoming a new chapter, I’m trusting my own beat, creativity, vision and intuition. Listening, learning, creating and exploring, a season to transition into a new path. Sitting still with the discomfort and pulling back layers, clutter, and the unnecessary… creating space for simplicity, yet holding space for needed duality and complexity. Because as much as we want to categorize, simplify, and feel safety in the black and white, life can be a series of gray areas. At times a dissatisfying answer.

The goal is to embody softness, honesty + truth: finding beauty in chaos. My work is inspired by Mother Nature, culture and community. This chapter is one of grief, self-love, exploration and growth.