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(growing in the garden)

i planted marigolds in my garden this year (again). the sprouts are starting to break free from the soil, and i always feel a bit relieved once they do. a deep fear can hold me as i wait with bated breath, hoping the seeds take with the right formula of depth, water, warmth and sunshine. only the beginning of my garden season, and I'm already inspired. so, i painted marigolds and wrote a quick little poem.

marigold, marigolds

stories in vibrant colors told.

tastes like long, sweet kisses

spent in summers golden hours.

the beauty of duality

mistakes that didn't take

like love lost and heartbreaks

met with forgiveness + grace.

marigold, marigolds

holding stories untold.

opportunities and near misses,

reminiscent of what could have been.

day dreams of what's to come

all that's left are seeds to spread

when the seasons done,

the cycle come and run.

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